Rubber Following Plate for 04423

Air greasers are the quickest way of ensuring consistent grease pressure reaches all bearings, providing quick and reliable machinery lubrication. Trolley mounted high performance pneumatic pump and grease control gun. Fits any standard 12.5kg grease keg. Supplied c/w trolley unit and 6.5m (20ft) of delivery hose. Minimum operating pressure: 30 psi, ratio 1:45 (ie. 100 psi input gives 4500 psi output).

Product group: Mobile Air Greasing System

Product number: 18076

Pack quantity: 1

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  • Ensures fast and efficient greasing of machinery during busy periods
  • Can be used in the field from a PTO compressor (prod. 16340)
  • Grease-up combines and other implements in minutes
  • NB. Grease not included.

    Spaldings parts are designed and manufactured for Spaldings to exacting quality standards and are supplied to fit machines indicated and are not sold as genuine parts.

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