Spaldings 12 volt Broadcaster c/w Auto Dosing System

Maximum spreading flexibility A high capacity, high specification, electronically controlled 12 volt spreader with an adjustable spread width from 2 – 24 metres. Suitable for spreading: Slug pellets, oil seed rape, grain, grass seed, stubble turnips, clover, mustard, game feed etc.

Product group: Spaldings 12 Volt Broadcaster

Product number: 13384

Pack quantity: 1

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Benefits from:
  • Fully adjustable spreading width between 2 – 24 metres (depending on material type) via in-cab control
  • Spread slug pellets, grass seed and clover etc – all from one machine
  • A range of mounting brackets available for fitting the Broadcaster to cultivators, weeders, tractor 3-point linkage, quad bikes etc.
  • Ideal for re-seeding grassland when mounted on Spaldings 6m Tined Weeder High specification features:
  • Digital in-cab control with easy set-up and operation
  • Easily adjustable spread width
  • Visual and audible error monitor/display
  • Robust 12 volt 25 amp Bosch electric motor
  • Watertight electronic unit to ensure reliability
  • Special agitator shaft to prevent blockages
  • Auto start function to help prevent blockages
  • Quick release, watertight lid for secure storage of seed and pellets
  • Translucent 100 litre hopper – allows seed/pellet level to be monitored
  • Robust steel frame with drill holes for ease of mounting
  • Stainless steel slide and spreading disc for long service life
  • Easy access drain port to simplify cleaning
  • Product specification:

    Maximum Spreading Widths: Slug pellets – up to 24 metres Grain & medium sized seed – up to 18 metres Grass seed, Clover etc – up to 6 metres

    Technical Specification:

    Technical Broadcaster with Auto Dosing System – Enables the broadcaster to apply granules at a pre-set application rate at varying forward speed. Complete control system that monitors forward speed and adjusts seed rate to pre-set application rate.

  • Control panel with 12 calibration memories
  • Includeds GPS speed sensor Length: 560mm Width: 485mm Height: 920mm Hopper capacity: 100 litre Motor: 12 volt, 25 amp Bosch Weight: 25kg (when empty)

  • Spaldings parts are designed and manufactured for Spaldings to exacting quality standards and are supplied to fit machines indicated and are not sold as genuine parts.

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