FEROBIDE Weld-on Tile 25mm x 60mm x 6mm Thick (Pk10)

FEROBIDE is an innovative Tungsten Carbide composite material, developed by TENMAT, manufactured in the UK and backed by 3 years of field trials across europe. This versatile product combines high level wear resistance and superior toughness with the ease and reliability of a weldable material. Unlike traditional Tungsten carbide, FEROBIDE uses a steel matrix to bond tungsten particles together. This unique forming process yields the wear resistance of traditional tungsten carbide whilst allowing tiles to be easily cut and welded in place. This, combined with superior toughness makes FEROBIDE the ideal choice for high impact and high wear applications.

Product group: FEROBIDE Weld-on Tungsten Carbide

Product number: F0012

Pack quantity: Pack of 10.

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  • Easy to fit, simply weld-on using standard MIG wire
  • Renowned wear resistance of Tungsten Carbide
  • Very high impact strength
  • Superior resistance to chipping
  • Versatile, easy to cut for the perfect fit
  • Cost effective, only fit what you need Typical applications:
  • Plough Points & Landsides
  • Cultivator Points & Tines
  • Drill Coulters
  • Power Harrow Tines
  • Packer Roller Scrapers
  • Bed Tiller Tines
  • Bed Former Shares
  • Subsoil Points, Wings & Legs
  • Technical Specification:

    Technical Cutting Instructions: 1/. Mark both faces of tile where cut is needed 2/. Wearing full P.P.E., clamp tile firmly in vice and score 1 mm depth into each side with thin cutting disc 3/. Clamp tile with vice jaws along score lines 4/. Make a controlled hammer blow to exposed tile to shear off exposed material - the tile will split along score line 5/. If required, use a grinding wheel to smooth cut edge Welding instructions: 1/. With full P.P.E., grind the weld surface flat and free of any paint 2/. Welding slots should be cut into substrate as required using cutting discs 3/. MIG (recommended) or MMA rod/current used for mild steel are required, scaling up to take point thickness into account 4/. Allow welds to cool naturally NB. Welds must be protected from exposure to abrasive soil via chamfers

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