Spaldings Vento 16 Outlet Air Seeder with 230ltr hopper (Max. working width up to 12m)

Cost-effective seed placement

High precision versatility – the Vento air seeder can apply all types of seed, grasses, slug pellets and granular materials including Avadex depending on working width by simply changing seed rollers.

Maximum working width: up to 12m.

• 16 Outlet with 230 litre seed hopper

• In-cab control

• Pneumatic seed delivery

• Optional Headland management

• Optional GPS for accurate forward speed metering

• True variable seed rate on the move

• 2 year manufacturer warranty


Precision seed placement at up to 12m width

Pull-out tool for seed rotors

This pull-out tool allows the seed rotor to be pulled out effortlessly if coarse-grained material is still in the cells. This makes the pulling-out operation easier.

Empty cells for seed rotors

Empty cells can also be installed on the seed rotor on the Vento. This means that the outlet from 8 rows can be reduced at will.

Vento control panel with graphic display

All of the functions on the control panel can be controlled from the driver's cab. The control panel features a 3.3" graphic display.

Seed outlet plate

The Vento comes equipped as standardwith 16 outlet plates with mounting brackets. The outlet plates can be effortlessly secured to a 40 x 40mm box section.

Battery cable 6mm

The power supply on the Vento is obtained via a 6 metre long battery cable of 6mm2. The battery cable is connected directly to the battery and routed to the driver's cab. The cable is protected with a plug fuse (40 A). A bracket for mounting the battery cable in the driver's cab is also included.

NB. Please only use our Vento battery cable due to the voltage supply over 6mm2.

Agitator with empty indicator in the hopper

The Vento features an agitator in the hopper which makes the run-on of material with poor flow properties easier. The translation of the agitator ensures gentle processing of the material.

A low level hopper sensor is installed as standard in the hopper. (For empty indicator, see arrow).

Seed rotor

The Vento requires the addition of a seed rotor option to suit the customers requirements, with sizes available to suit all applications (see 13394, 13395, 13397, 13399). Rotor choice is dependent on application, output rate, spread width and forward speed.

Product group: Spaldings Vento 16 Outlet Air Seeder

Product number: 13410

Pack quantity: 1

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Exclusive to Spaldings in the UK

• High precision quality machine tested for 3 years across Europe

• 16 outlets with large 230 litre tank and mounting frame as standard

• 3 versions of seed roller units dependant on output requirement (eg. OSR, Avadex or grasses)

• Optional AccoSat GPS receiver with headland manager control

• 7-pin data socket with optional cable for direct feed from the tractor, giving forward speed and hydraulic headland control



• Easy to Install

• Clear concise control panel, with easy to understand data regarding outputs and the seeder unit performance

• Simple to calibrate

• Twin variable fan

• Variable fan speed for larger or smaller seed

• Easy exchange of seed rotors

• Very high quality, precision built

• Accurate results



• Vento 16 outlet pneumatic seeder 

• 12-Volt high-performance variable speed blower

• Control panel with graphic display

• 230 litre hopper with residual drainage flap

• Speed-dependent dispensing

• Headland manager 

• Empty indicator as standard

• Monitoring of the rotor on the graphic display 

• Complete cabling such as the 6m battery cable 6mm and 6m control cable (from the control panel to the seeder)

• 16 x seed outlet plates as standard

• 50m 'Superflex' hose

• Requires choice of seed rotor options

• Transport and assembly frame


Functions of the Vento control panel with graphic display:

• Machine start / stop

• Speed-dependent dispensing

• Manual operation is possible at any time (blower speed and rotor rpm)

• Headland manager

• Electrical (automatic) residue emptying

• Electrical (automatic) calibration

• Program memory for 20 calibrations

• Monitoring of the seed rotor and blower

• Stepless control of the blower speed

Technical Specification:

Technical Supplied with mounting frame, control panel, 6m control cable, 6m battery cable, 50m hose and 16 seed outlet plates. The Vento Air Seeder requires the addition of seed rotor option to suit the customers requirements, with sizes available to suit all applications (see 13394, 13395, 13397, 13399). Rotor choice is dependent on application, output rate, spread width and forward speed. GPS, speed data and headland manager options also available.

Spaldings parts are designed and manufactured for Spaldings to exacting quality standards and are supplied to fit machines indicated and are not sold as genuine parts.