Rotary cutters for vegetation topping and slashing

Tractor-mounted rotary cutters added to the new range of vegetation mulching equipment from direct-sales specialist Spaldings suit applications from pasture topping to heavy scrub destruction.

Sourced from Spanish manufacturer TMC Cancela, the DX-200 is a single-rotor machine with a working width of 2m requiring up to 80hp at the gearbox, while the DXP3-360 performs best with around 120hp to cut 3.6m in one go. This machine uses three rotors, two of them mounted on wing sections that fold up to reduce transport width to just 1.05m.

“Like the flail mowers from Cancela, the rotary cutters are built to a durable heavy-duty specification with triangular reinforcing of the decks for great strength, a tough Comer gearbox and height adjustable skids with soles formed from wear-resistant HDX steel,” explains Alex Smith, Spaldings product development co-ordinator. “They are designed and constructed to do a good job but also to last the course, even when subjected to a demanding workload in tough conditions.”

While the single rotor machine has a pivoting headstock with restraining chains, the wider folding model has a substantial steel plate frame and headstock structure with tapered reinforcing spars extending across the wing sections.

The wings are folded by a cable and pulley mechanism using a single vertical hydraulic cylinder. A positive latch on both sides holds the wings securely during transport.

Both machines are supported on sprung castor wheels with robust rubber tyres. There are steel chains across the front and back of the deck to prevent stones being flicked out but without impeding progress through thick vegetation.

The rotors can be equipped with slashing chains for dealing with scrub or two swinging blades shaped to create an airflow that lifts lighter vegetation for a neat, consistent cut length.

The Spaldings TMC Cancela DX-200 single-rotor cutter is priced £3,225 while the triple-deck model is £10,612.

Rotary cutters for vegetation topping and slashing