Dutch Openers: Discover More About Spaldings Exciting New Range

Spaldings are proud to introduce a new range of direct drill coulters from one of the world’s leading developers of state-of-the-art agricultural equipment, Dutch Openers.

Founded in the Canada in 1984, Dutch Openers specialise in innovative seeding equipment and other advanced agricultural tools. The business has earned a reputation for its pioneering technology, earning thousands of fans across the globe who have benefited from increased crop yields thanks to the brand’s cultivation-free approach to seed drilling.

We’re excited to be stocking a complete range of Dutch Openers products at value for money prices, including both single and paired seed openers, and versatile fertiliser tubes. All of the products are available to purchase directly from the Spaldings website, and we’re confident our customers will soon feel the benefit of investing in these outstanding seed drill coulters.

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of Dutch Openers products, as well as a little more background about the company itself, read on.

Dutch Openers — Tillage Tools You Can Trust

In their own words, Dutch Openers are “built on the goal of helping farmers achieve greater crop yields by finding the best tillage solutions for their operation” — and improving yields is something the business has got very good at since its launch in 1984.

Dutch Openers offer state-of-the-art tillage tools that require little to no prior soil cultivation, helping farmers save time and resources whilst ensuring outstanding seed delivery and output. How do they do this? The brand’s range of high-quality vertical seed and fertiliser openers allow crop seed to be drilled without the need to cultivate the top soil, thus saving time and money.

Even in tough, rocky soils, Dutch Openers original seed openers make it incredibly easy to accurately spread seed and fertiliser, and all without any prior cultivation. Their range of seed and fertiliser openers feature a patented design comprising of a range of carefully-considered features, including carbided sealer plates which ensure accurate seed placement; roll pins for quick installation of replacement tips; a hardened body face for increased durability; and a robust yet sleek body design which helps to reduce trash build-up.

All of these attributes are unique to Dutch Openers seed and tillage tools, and work together to provide outstanding performance and lasting reliability. The brand offers a wide range of seed openers for different uses, as well as a broad selection of replacement tips that are suitable not only for Dutch Openers tillage tools, but for competitor openers too — allowing everyone to take advantage of the brand’s legendary reliability and performance regardless of their current tilling setup.

While no-till seed drilling might sound restrictive, the seed openers offered by Dutch Openers provide outstanding seed distribution on a variable depth basis, so the quality of distribution is never compromised. Not only that, but the patented opener angles guarantee absolute accuracy when spreading seed and fertiliser in even the toughest surfaces — so you can expect outstanding productivity and a high yield.

The Dutch Openers Range from Spaldings

Spaldings offer a range of universal Dutch Openers products, meaning they’re compatible with a number of existing seed drills and are capable of converting certain conventional drills to highly efficient direct drills. From single shoot replacement tips and paired row seed openers to both granular and liquid fertiliser tubes; our Dutch Openers product range has everything you need to enhance your tillage apparatus with these high-quality and reliable products.

Browse our complete range of Dutch Openers products, or access our complete collection of high-quality agriculture and groundcare products by visiting the Spaldings homepage or calling our friendly team on 01522 500600.