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If you’re searching for the very latest agricultural machinery and groundcare supplies, you’ve come to the right place. Our new products page features the very latest parts, tools and machinery added to the Spaldings site, so you can quickly browse our new stock to find the product you’re looking for.

We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to farming and groundcare work, which is why we’ve made it easy to browse our newly-stocked agricultural supplies. Whether you’re a farmer searching for supplies and accessories for a specific piece of machinery, or a groundcare specialist looking to stock up on the very latest in safety gear and apparatus.

As a leading supplier of agricultural and groundcare equipment and supplies, Spaldings is committed to bringing you the very latest products as soon as they emerge. We strive to source innovative new products that are durable, hardworking and reliable, so you can save time and money on everyday tasks and larger on-site projects.

All the products listed below have been recently added to the Spaldings site, so if you’re looking for newly-released parts, tools and machinery, they may be listed here. We pride ourselves on only supplying the highest quality of agricultural and groundcare tools and equipment, so you can be sure that all the products listed are up to the reliably high standard you’ve come to expect from us.

All Our New Products


Greenmech Green Aerosol-400ml

Product number: 17086

Special Offer!

Sumo Red Paint-5 Litre

Product number: 17072

Horsch Red Paint-5 Litre

Product number: 17074

Wright Stander Yellow Aerosol 400ml

Product number: 17082

Special Offer!

Ferris Red Aerosol-400ml

Product number: 17083

Special Offer!

Full Suspension Pan Seat

Product number: 51032

Pan Seat

Product number: 51031

Telehandler Seat

Product number: 51033

Mechanical Suspension Tractor Seat

Product number: 51034

TMC F20 Outer Multi Hammer Tooth

Product number: 17374