TMC Cancela TFK-200 Forestry Mulcher c/w Hydraulic Push Frame

TMC Cancela forestry mulching solutions – Built for the toughest forestry environment.

These machines are specially designed for mulching branches and low trees, including remaining stumps after felling trees; producing a very high degree of mulching, often to sawdust. Engineered with high specification build quality, utilising high strength steel and incorporating cutting edge technology to produce long lasting replaceable hammers with carbide tips, designed and patented by TMC CANCELA.

Product group: TMC Cancela TFK-200 Forestry Mulcher c/w Hydraulic Push Frame

Product number: 17361

Pack quantity: 1

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• Cutting dia. 325mm, multi-purpose teeth with carbide tip

• Body built in high strength steel “Strenx”, front specially designed for intake of material

• 4 Chain curtain for front protection, plus 2 chain curtain extra protection in the centre

• Hydraulic hood to improve material entrance and enhance mulching 

• Sidestep system on body sides 

• Side skids with 2 height positions 

• Fixed teeth rotor set in a helical disposition

• Gearbox with built in free-wheel, input of 1000 rpm and a heavy duty input shaft of 1.3/4" Z6

• Transmission drive with 10 XPB belts and ESB system

• Hammers with 2 carbide tips – TMC Cancela F03 & F04

• Fully CE marked & 1 year manufacturers warranty

Product specification:

Technical Features

Working width (m): 2.0

Total width (m): 2.46

Required input power (cv): 130

Max. allowed power (cv): 180

Gearbox input speed (rpm): 1000

Rotor diameter (mm): 455

No. of hammers: 48+2

Counter blades: 2 Fixed rows, 2 replaceable rows

Linkage category: Cat. 2

Skids: Adjustable height (2 positions)

PTO shaft: Bondioli SH Type

Weight (kg): 1,745

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