TMC Cancela DX-200 Rear Mtd. Rotary Brush Cutter

Product group: TMC Cancela DX-200 Rear Mtd. Rotary Brush Cutter

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  • Body externally reinforced
  • Protection at front and rear by chains
  • Height adjustable skids with soles manufactured from wear resistant steel
  • 360° directional wheels with shock-absorbers
  • 1 rotor Flow Up with 1 cutting level
  • System for guiding the material
  • Three point linkage made in tubular steel with chain straps
  • Chains or blades attached to rotor with bushed bolts
  • Gearbox with an input of 540 rpm and a drive shaft of 1. 3/8" Z6
  • PTO shaft with clutch
  • Fully CE marked & 1 year manufacturers warranty
  • Product specification:

    Technical Working width (m) 2 Total width (m) 2.1 Required input power (cv) 80 Max. allowed power (cv) 85 Gearbox input speed (rpm) 540 Rotor Speed (rpm) 540rpm 988 Linear Speed (m/s) 540rpm 99.34 No. of Rotors 1 No. of blades Singles (standard) 3 Doubles (option) 3+3 Linkage category Cat. 1 / Cat. 2 Skids Height adjustable (3 positions) Adjustable height control Rear wheels & skids PTO shaft Bondioli Freewheel option Weight (kg) 762 Working reach Mechanical (mm) 920–1,080 Hydraulic (mm) 1,250–1,250

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