Replacement 2.4m Bristle Pack (11 row) for Spaldings 2.4m Mk2 Push-Broom

Sweeping efficiency! From farmyards to grain stores, the versatile Spaldings Push-Broom sweeper has the ability to sweep virtually any material.

Product group: Spaldings 2.4m Mk2 Push-Brooms

Product number: 15249

Pack quantity: 1

£709.34 (ex. VAT)

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Saves Time — Simple, Efficient & Effective!
  • Creates virtually no dust compared to rotary brushes
  • Maintenance free – no moving parts, chains, belts or motors to breakdown or replace
  • Very effective in grainstores with undulating surfaces and won’t damage wood floors and slats
  • Versatile – Can be used for clearing, water, snow, gravel, muck and slurry, mud and general debris
  • Creates a ‘squeegee’ type action on wet surfaces for effective sweeping
  • Welded bristle supports every 300mm for strength and durability
  • Fitted with 11 rows of bristles as standard for maximum sweeping power in demanding applications
  • Integral parking stand for easy mounting and de-mounting
  • Fork mounted with securing pins
  • Wide range of mounting options to fit forklift truck tines and most popular makes of telehandlers and tractor front end loaders A choice of hitch options… Spaldings Push-Broom is supplied complete with the hitch option of your choice.
  • Spaldings parts are designed and manufactured for Spaldings to exacting quality standards and are supplied to fit machines indicated and are not sold as genuine parts.

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