JADE Paste Soft Paste Rat Poison (Bromadiolone), 5kg

Jade paste bait contains peanut butter oils together with mulched cereals and sugars that attract rodents to the bait.

Product group: JADE Paste Soft Paste Bait (Bromadiolone) – Rat Poison

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To be used in and around buildings* for the control of rats and mice.

  • High moisture content and appealing taste ensures that rodents feed on the bait quickly and die quickly
  • Contains highly attractive peanut oils
  • Supplied in compact easy to use sachets
  • For professional use

Product specification:

Authorisation code: UK-2013-0709 IE/BPA 70167. Active Ingredient: 0.005% BROMADIOLONE.

Use biocides safely. ALWAYS read the label and product information before use. ALWAYS protect bait points from non-target animals and from water. Follow the CRRU code. *In and around building use shall be understood as the building itself and the area around the building that needs to be treated in order to deal with the infestation of the building.

Technical Specification:


Multi feed professional rat bait supplied in sachets – 5kg Re-sealable container (500 x 10g).

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