Dutch Openers are specialists in tillage solutions, developing a range of tools and equipment that are proven to perform in any type of soil. Founded in Canada in 1984, Dutch Openers have earned a glowing reputation for their pioneering technology, with farmers benefiting from improved yields thanks to the company’s cultivation-free approach to tilling.

With their patented design, Dutch’s range of seed openers require little to no soil cultivation, saving you time and resources when it comes to spreading seed and fertiliser. Each opener offers a range of considered features, including roll pins for convenient tip replacement; a hardened body for improved durability; carbided sealer plates for accurate soil and fertiliser placement; and a robust design which reduces trash build-up.

Even in the toughest soils, Dutch Openers make it simple to accurately dispense seed and fertilisers. This is thanks to their vertical alignment, which allows seeds to be drilled through the top soil without it first being ploughed and cultivated — helping to retain the natural moisture content of the soil without any disturbance.

At Spaldings, we stock a range of Dutch Openers seed and fertiliser openers for Sumo DTS tillage machines. Whether you’re looking for seed openers or granular and liquid fertiliser tubes; check out our Dutch Openers products below.

Key Benefits:

  • Lower draft, Tungsten tipped – Designed to last longer
  • Saves time with single roll pin, easy-to-change tips
  • Reduces soil disturbance to conserve moisture
  • Eliminates plugging with Gumbo-style tip
  • Replacement tips to fit Sumo DTS machines
  • Adaptor frog to fit Horsch machines

Dutch Openers

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Universal Dutch Opener Tip 5" Paired

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