HEXAGON Ti5 Field Guidance System

Cost effective field guidance system designed to reduce input costs by enhancing driver accuracy and eliminate overlap in any field operation. L1 antena with GL1DE™ for improved pass-to-pass accuracy. GPS and GLONASS with no extra cost or subscription fee. Field maps can be saved and imported/exported via USB. Ti5 is the only platform in its class that supports a combination of functions used in Precision Farming.

Product group: HEXAGON Ti5 Field Guidance System

Product number: 17218

Pack quantity: 1

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  • 5" touch screen
  • Intuitive and built to last
  • Rugged Aluminum case
  • Ideal for all field operation
  • Operates during day, night and low visibility conditions
  • Guidance with adjustable sensitivity
  • 2D and 3D operation modes
  • Import /export maps and boundaries via USB
  • Shape file support (.shp).
  • Farming accuracy: L1 GPS/GLONASS 20CM RMS GLIDE (15min) Variable Rate (option):
  • User friendly configuration and operation
  • High accuracy and fast response controller
  • 3D path visualization
  • Detailed operation log for further data analysis
  • Operational deviation alarms
  • Any kind of shape file can be read
  • Controls up to 4 simultaneous products Section Control (option):
  • Automatically controls sprayer sections, minimizing overlapped areas
  • Allows manual actuation of individual sections
  • Compatible with most manufacturers pumps and valve models
  • Shut off the nozzle over previously sprayed areas
  • Manages up to 16 sections
  • Fast flow control, ensuring prescription rates, even in small and sloping terrain
  • Product specification:

    Guidance Operation Modes: A-B Line, A+ Heading, Parallel A-B Curve, Adaptive Curve and Pivot.

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