2.4m PADAGAS Mk3 Push-Broom c/w Fork Lift Tine Pockets

Sweeping efficiency! From farmyards to grain stores, the versatile Spaldings Push-Broom sweeper has the ability to sweep virtually any material.

Product group: PADAGAS 2.4m Mk3 Push-Broom

Product number: 15380

Pack quantity: 1

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Saves Time — Simple, Efficient & Effective!

• Creates virtually no dust compared to rotary brushes

• Maintenance free – no moving parts, chains, belts or motors to breakdown or replace

• Very effective in grainstores with undulating surfaces and won't damage wood floors and slats

• Versatile – Can be used for clearing, water, snow, gravel, muck and slurry, mud and general debris

• Creates a 'squeegee' type action on wet surfaces for effective sweeping

• Welded bristle supports every 300mm for strength and durability

• Fitted with 11 rows of bristles as standard for maximum sweeping power in demanding applications

• Integral parking stand for easy mounting and de-mounting

• Fork mounted with securing pins

Spaldings parts are designed and manufactured for Spaldings to exacting quality standards and are supplied to fit machines indicated and are not sold as genuine parts.